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Meet Tony Wallis: Your Expert Business Coach

Tony Wallis is not just a business coach; he’s your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled success. With a wealth of coaching experience spanning over 30 years, Tony has honed his skills in guiding individuals and businesses towards their most ambitious goals. His coaching journey began on the soccer field, where he coached at both the youth and collegiate levels.

As a seasoned coach, Tony understands the essence of strategy, discipline, teamwork, and goal setting. These principles, deeply ingrained from his time on the soccer field, now serve as the foundation of his coaching philosophy. Tony’s approach is all about helping you identify and focus on “The One Thing” that will drive your business to extraordinary heights, a concept he mastered through certifications in The One Thing and Business MAPS Training and Coaching.

Beyond his professional coaching achievements, Tony Wallis is a devoted Papa to eight grandchildren, a role that speaks to his ability to nurture and inspire growth in those he cares about. Just as he’s nurtured the talents of young athletes, he’s equally dedicated to nurturing the potential within you and your business. Adding to his diverse background, Tony has achieved remarkable success in the real estate business.

His entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen have propelled him to triumph in this competitive industry. This real-world success informs his coaching approach, allowing him to relate to the challenges faced by small business owners and share strategies that have been proven effective in his own ventures.

When you work with Tony Wallis, you benefit from his comprehensive coaching expertise, which is rooted in his athletic coaching legacy, his role as a loving Papa, and his achievements in the world of real estate. He’s the coach who knows how to turn potential into performance, and dreams into reality. With Tony by your side, you’re not just gaining a coach; you’re gaining a partner in achieving your business aspirations. Unlock your true potential and experience the success you’ve always imagined with Tony Wallis as your coach.